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When people ask me what my specialty is, my immediate response is, “people”. As I believe in helping PEOPLE - unique, individual, and distinct, whether they present with a diagnosable mental condition, a spiritual dilemma, or just simply want to get back in touch with their best self.


Dr. Rosenberg is passionate about helping women feel empowered. Her clients vary in terms of demographics as well as presenting complaints. Many clients are brought to therapy by intense emotions such as anxiety, sadness, or anger that make them feel not themself. Sometimes they come to discuss a phase of life issue such as going to college, marriage, new motherhood, or the “empty nest” and retirement. Other

things clients come to therapy for are feelings of being stuck, or confusion, relationship changes, familial conflicts, job stress, eating issues, compulsivity, or alcoholism among many others.

Dr. Rosenberg sees all people as a spirit on a journey first and foremost, and the issues they present are symptoms meant to help guide them back to being in line with their best self. In this way,

Dr. Rosenberg doesn’t specialize in one or many particular diagnoses, but rather takes a holistic view and sees each person as a unique being and her approach is tailored to the specific needs of the client. If you are wondering if Dr. Rosenberg can help you, she recommends an initial consultation to connect and give you more information pertaining to your questions.